Research Output

A list of peer-reviewed publications, preprints, and conference presentations

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So far, my research work has revolved around identity and person perception. This includes how our personality, ideology, and beliefs affect the way we assess other people. This has led to a few papers in peer-reviewed journals, a few conference presentations, as well as some working papers.

Some of my other research interests include identity-based rumours, gossip, and misinformation (e.g., do we spread more rumours about out outgroup’s transgressions?), what causes us to change our norms (e.g., does moving from one country to another change our moral beliefs?), and how we view others who are horizontally (e.g., other sports teams) or vertically (e.g., other socioeconomic classes) different than us.

Another very niche interest for me is how we measure things. As someone who studies a very non-US centric population, some of the tools (scales or tasks) have very poor validity cross-culturally. This could be because they have not been tested across cultures, but also sometimes because the creators/authors don’t understand the contexts (e.g., law, language) that are not theirs. I think we should be collaborating with researchers from different contexts to understand such nuances.

You can also view a list of my publications, preprints, and conference presentations in my curriculum vitae.