Published Essays

A summary of my pop press articles

Over the years, I have also attempted to communicate our research and ideas via popular magazines and newspaper articles.

See a full list of my published essays here

I have often written about the intersection of pop culture and some of my academic interests. For example, have you ever wondered about how gossip works in the Bigg Boss house? I covered our working paper about it here in FirstPost.

I know I shouldn’t pick favourites, but here is a fun snippet of some of the pieces I had a blast working towards:

How do memes work?
Here are my thoughts about them.
What does Parks and Recreation teach us about the philosophy of friendship?
You can read about it here.
What do you think about extravagant celebrity weddings?
My (and my colleague's) thoughts in this BuzzFeed video.
Like everyone else, I used to really like Ariana Grande's Thank U Next when it came out
So wrote about what the song teaches us about self-love here
Anyone who knows me in real life knows how much I talk about death and Hamilton
So wrote a piece about death and Hamilton here . Can I just say "like a beat without a melody" is such a beautiful way to describe it?
Impostor Phenomenon doesn't really go away, right?
Turned my Master's project into a piece for Mint on Sunday.
Like I said, I love reading and binge-watching shows
So, wrote a piece about why we might be drawn to imaginary worlds for The Swaddle. Read that here

You can also view a list of my pop press articles in my curriculum vitae.